NDT Certification Terms and Conditions

Certification Terms and Conditions - North America

The following information applies to certification conducted by NDT-CGI on behalf of a client.

The employer is ultimately responsible for certification of NDT candidates and must posses a procedure for the qualification and certification of NDT personnel.  NDT-CGI can provide a procedure if requested.

  1. Certification takes approximately four hours per method per candidate.  (All candidates can take the written examinations at the same time but each must be given the practical examination individually).
  2. The client shall provide adequate facilities for certification.  Adequate would be such that each candidate has a quiet place to sit and room to write.  Practical examinations require all NDT equipment and facilities necessary to perform the NDT examination.  Alternatively, certification facilities can be arranged by NDT-CGI for an additional fee.
  3. Candidates for certification shall meet the requirements of the employer’s certification procedure.
  4. The client shall furnish NDT equipment used for certification.  Equipment will be evaluated prior to the beginning of the certification process and, if necessary, additional equipment purchases recommended.
  5. The candidate shall appear at the examination with an ink pen with which to take the written exams and a calculator.  Disturbances during the certification process shall be limited to emergencies only.  All cell phones; beepers, etc. shall be turned off during examination.
  6. Candidates must to achieve 70% or greater on each segment of the certification examination and an overall average of 80% to attain certification.
  7. Training is not included in the certification process.  If training is to be administered the fee must be negotiated with NDT-CGI (See Training Terms and Conditions).
  8. Certification certificates will be issued to those candidates successfully completing the certification process.  The employer shall issue these certificates.  NDT-CGI can recommend certificate samples and if requested design and print the certificates.