NDT Training Terms and Conditions

Training Terms and Conditions – North America

The following information applies to training conducted by NDT Consulting Group Inc.

  1. Unless otherwise agreed upon the maximum number of student is eight per course.
  2. Adequate facilities for training shall be provided by the client.  Adequate would be such that each student has a place to sit and room to write.  The client shall furnish a large dry-erase style white board with dry-erase markers.  The training area shall be free from distractions.  Alternatively, training facilities for the classroom portion of the training can be arranged by NDT-CGI for an additional fee.
  3. 40-hour courses require that the students attend class eight hours per day for five days.  The fee is based on five consecutive days of training.  Alternate schedules can be arranged and may incur additional fees.
  4. The client shall furnish NDT equipment used for training.  Equipment will be evaluated prior to the beginning of the course and, if necessary, additional equipment purchases recommended.
  5. The student shall come to class with pen and paper with which to take notes.  Disturbances during the course shall be limited to emergencies only.  All cell phones, beepers, etc. shall be turned off during class.
  6. Course fees include training books and course literature for up to six (6) students.  Most course information is shown through PowerPoint presentations.  Students are given outlines of this information.
  7. Each student will receive a copy of the appropriate training literature.  The costs of materials in excess of those included in the course fee will be billed to the client.
  8. Students failing to attend the entire 40 hours of training will not receive credit for the course.
  9. Student failing to achieve 70% or greater on the end of course examination will not receive credit for the course.
  10. Course completion certificates will be issued to those students successfully completing the course.
  11. Certification is not typically included in the training course.  If certification exams are to be administered there may be an additional fee which must be negotiated with NDT-CGI (See Certification Terms and Conditions).